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Pedestrians from an Ariel View

WACA was founded by visionary individuals working in activities circa 1979.  They developed the original Activity Professional Wyoming State Approved Courses in 1987 which evolved to sponsor the (NCCAP) National Certification Council for Activity Professional's Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals 1 & 2  (total of 360 CEU's) now on line

Casper College

Activity Professional

Program Coordinator - Eric Christensen

Workforce Training Specialist

O: 307-268-2085

F: 307-268-3111

WACA sponsors four education Scholarships each year for WACA Fall and Spring Workshops.

Click image above to find out more info about NCCAP. For over 30 years, NCCAP has been the leader in credentialing for person-centered care that ensures the highest quality of life. 

Image by Timothy Hales Bennett

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The WACA Story

History: Founded a non-profit organization here in Wyoming during the mid-seventies by Activity Directors working in Nursing Homes who believe quality continuing education was an important foundation of this profession.


Mission: Provide two sessions of quality ongoing education each year, which will enhance the professional development of attendees. A two day June workshop in different geographic locations about 10 to 11 hours and an October workshop in Casper 4 to 5 hours, totaling 15 hours each year.


Target students: Long Term Care Continuum/Geriatrics/Activity and Quality of Life service providers, primarily for the elderly.


Numbers: An estimated 90 paid membership and 25 to 40 attend education sessions offered.


Organizers: A volunteer elected board of directors donates countless hours and expertise to coordinate and orchestrate the two annual workshops.


Budget: This group exists only on dues, fundraisers amongst members, and tuition for the workshops. Often expenses outweigh cost of tuition collected.


Type of Speakers needed: Contemporary Geriatric Setting adaptive professional development inspirational and meaningful experts. Qualities needed in Instructors are a lot of energy to inspire individuals who work in one of the most mentally and physically challenging careers in America. This care giving profession is so overworked and underpaid; WACA strives to thank their selfless endeavors with providing ongoing education, which helps them in everyday challenges.

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Christmas carol matching game. Free printable available on website

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 1.57.39 PM.png


Make this DIY Jeopardy board with facts and questions of their generation.


Nature Wreaths

Residents make wreaths with natural found objects

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